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Buy an omega-3 product and get the chance to be rewarded with 100 bonus points

Een week lang vinden we elke dag een nieuwe gelukkige klant die 100 bonuspunten wint. Je doet automatisch mee als je een bestelling plaatst met minimaal één omega-3 product. 

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Please be aware:

  • Costumers with an order containing at least one omega-product participate in being rewarded with 100 bonus points, and one order is drawn for a week. 1 bonus point has the value of 1 euro. 
  • This competition runs from Monday 15.08.22, 07:00 until Sunday 21.08.22, 23:59. 
  • To participate in Monay's reward, the orders must be placed before 23:59, and the draw will be done Tuesday, whereafter the lucky person will be contacted. This principle continues for the following weekdays, and the rewards for Friday-Sunday will be drawn on Monday 22.08.22. 
  • Please note, that you need to be logged in og sign up for an account (it's free) to participate. The bonus points will be shown on your profile.