A gap was noticed in the European healthcare supply industry over 26 years ago for the distribution of scientifically reliable and high-quality health and nutrition products and information, for people's specific needs.

Our background

Given that the European industry for health supplements is only a wedge off the heath industry, which has done very little research into the correct use of health supplements, certain limitations were encountered in terms of EU regulation standards. However, with thanks to Life Extension US, and the conveyance their 40 years of ground-breaking medical research, our science department could build on this and transfer an equivalent quality to secure providence of nutrition products with compliancy to the EU and European market standards. 

Our passion

The belief in a scientific approach to nutrition is the cornerstone of our company.


Two white bowls filled with green leaf salad and supplement capsules, on a table with more capsules

Our Products

500 + Products - with Strong Science Behind

A healthy diet and regular exercise can get you far in terms of improving your health. However, there will be times where your body needs extra components to function optimally. Either you are not producing or absorbing adequate levels of nutrients and vitamins due to age, stress or you simply find it hard to eat a big amount of food to match adequate nutrient levels required for your healthy diet.

We wish to cover your needs with the best vitamins, mineral and supplements; whether it is because you want to improve your health through your lifestyle or you seek higher potency supplements as an already frequent user, or if you have a health condition you want to fight.

We offer more than 500 products and cover 24 Health Categories that suits even the most specific Health goals or challenge you might have.

No matter what you need, you can navigate at our webshop or search on product or category level, or you can call our Customer Care if you need personal assistance towards finding the right products for you.

Our Brands

Life Extension Europe is the exclusive distributor in Europe of products from:

  • Life Extension®
  • Quicksilver Scientific®

We also distribute products from the following producers:

  • Biosil™
  • Go-keto
  • Chewwies

If you are interested in having your brand included in the Life Extension Europe portfolio

Please send an e-mail to Christoph Mayr, at: cmayr@lefeurope.com

Life Extension Europe Quicksilver Scientific
Biosil Go-Keto Chewwies

Meet Our Management

Just like our family values has always been part of our company, our goal has never changed. We are working every day to improve the health of as many Europeans as possible, and we continue to be in rapid growth.

Brian Friis

Brian Friis


Cedric Vanier

Cedric Vanier


Christoph Mayr

Christoph Mayr

Head of Scientific Affairs

Gitte Friis

Gitte Friis

HR Director

Arthur Rosenberg

Arthur Rosenberg

Partner Sales Manager

Our Offices

Life Extension Europe is located in the Netherlands, with a supporting office in Denmark.

Our Warehouse and Sales office:

Service Logistics BV 

Edisonstraat 6

5928 PG Venlo, The Netherlands

The Administration and Marketing:

LifeCare Europe

Harbour House II

Sundkrogsgade 19, 2.sal, 2100 København Ø, Denmark

WHY shop here?

Find some of the best, most potent, nutritional products at Life Extension Europe with a dedicated multi-language team of Health and product advisors to guide you for the optimal products for your health.

Because at Life Extension Europe, we believe people can make a difference in their health and habits. We act every day with this in mind, wishing only to empower you and as many people as possible in Europe to make choices for a healthy, longer, and happier life. With insights on science and health trends, plus over 500 science-backed vitamins & supplements, that is our philosophy and the principle our business is built upon.

Your health is our mission, but don’t listen to our words alone - check the thousands of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.